Body Positivity Workshop
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Body Positivity Workshop

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    Evan Westfal

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Look at CHEW in action with Scona High’s GSA! We performed a body positivity workshop. At this workshop, youth used body paint to cover each other in positive and affirming messages. The goal of this project is to help youth connect with their bodies in a healthy way, build community, and to actively offer emotional support.

Evan talking about the messages society gives us about body image.

And now we start with the fun part!

Everyone was super involved in the activity.

Look at all the positive messages!

We're all sharing the love and good vibes.

And some sassy vibes too...

Everybody was moving around the room.

There was such a good energy!

Awesome compliments!

So so much love! <3

Hilarious Confident Love

Arms, legs, chest, we wrote positive messages all over!


We formed a chain of positivity!

As we ate candy! :P

By the end of the activity there was almost no blank space.

And then we shared the messages that we like the most!

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