CHEW Video Art Jam
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CHEW Video Art Jam

Videos, Popcorn, Pop, and Art!

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    Evan Westfal

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This art jam focused on short films. We watched a variety of queer videos, and discussed queer topics.


We explored the themes of film by drawing and writing. We also indulged in some ridiculous cat videos. Did you miss the art jam? Wanna check out the videos on your own? We’ve collected links to all the videos below. Wanna catch the next art jam? Email us!


This session was movie night! And our first video was "The Grind" --check it out at the top of this post!

We watched a bunch of videos, news reports, short films, and other cool stuff!

And then we started drawing about some of the main topics that we addressed during our discussions.

Thinking about your drawing? :P

We kept watching videos and making art!

And we also had lots of snacks to share! :P

Look at this beautiful message! LOVE <3

And check out those art skills! Wow! Impressed! Join us in our next session! Email us today!