Lights in the Distance
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Lights in the Distance

Tyler is a writer and poet with a fondness for science and obscure metaphors. Tyler avoids using pronouns when talking in the third person because it’s complicated. So complicated.

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    Tyler Gajda

There’s something there,
inside of me,
beaming bright with energy
A nurtured light that fills the soul,
a hidden beauty I never show.

Light isn’t born strong.
Only when it pierces the dark,
shines through a night
that’s lasted too long
does it make my eyes gleam.

I’ve seen that night.
Starlight shines over the darkest nights,
dots in the sky from a lifetime away,
echoes of things as they were
before and now and never again,
light long lived shining as new.

I looked at the stars clear as night
but the image up there isn’t quite right.
It’s a veil from the past,
a view of things bent
by time and distance.
The stars aren’t static,
they’re ever-moving, ever burning,
spinning in the sky as I circle the night,
staring at the sky.

I stare.
I stare at the lights
but the stars that shine
don’t show me what’s right.

The light I shine
is what reflects off my surface
as it blinds the world
to the things I don’t confess.
It’s hidden there, under my skin,
the things I can’t tell you
cause I don’t know how to begin.
I hide it all where the light won’t reach.
A veil of secrets, of silence, of fear,
the truth so quiet that no one can hear
the fear in my heart, hesitation in my speech.

The light I shine
becomes my reality
as the real self grows
confident in the dark.

I stare.
I stare at the lights
but the stars that shine
don’t tell me what’s right.
I live.
I live with what’s real.
My heart holds the truth,
as I’ve concealed what I feel.

The light fills the night
as morning takes the sky.
I put on morning’s face,
morning’s clothes, the mantle of subtle lies.
I weave through streets of judging eyes
invisible truths hidden inside
but it’s somewhere I can see
and that’s enough for me.

The light burns on in me
whether or not it’s seen,
and the fire burns through the night.

I stare.
I stare at the lights.
And the stars that shine
burn strong through the night.
I live.
I live with what’s real.
Even if skin tells a lie
the heart holds the truth.

“I wrote this poem based on the dualistic feeling created by being only partially out, about the mask created to go through daily life with a minimal amount of conflict and concern while still trying to understand what it means to be me. Because, in the end, I’m the only one that gets to decide what that meaning is.”