Queer Deets Vol 1
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Queer Deets Vol 1

Check out Queer Deets online or grab a free copy from the C.H.E.W. office and if you want to submit your own badass artwork you can e-mail us your sweet art here: CHEWproject@ualberta.ca


Queer Deets is coming to kick Tumblr’s ass with legit info! Queer Deets is a free zine that has the 411 on youth body, mind, and spirit. We’re not afraid to talk about sexuality & gender, and we want to feature artwork from YOU and other rad people from around Alberta. Queer Deets is all about YOU and YOUR life, especially if you identify as LGBTQ2S*. We’re trying not to be a snoozefest so we are using comics and talking about real life shit . We also hope to amplify the voices of those who want to submit their own artwork to the zine (pssst- artwork can be anything from drawings to poetry to pictures).