Science Fiction Scavenger Hunt
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Science Fiction Scavenger Hunt

At CHEW a group of queer youth got together, solved puzzles, and ate some candy.

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    Evan Westfal

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This art jam was Sci-Fi themed. Youth completed various tasks, and solved puzzles.
In the pictures above, youth were asked to create a product that would help someone who identifies as LGBTQ. The responses were amazing.
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Rainbow bracelets! Rainbows always make us smile :D

What about playing with sex ed fortune tellers? We had so much fun :P

Then the Scavenger Hunt begun!

We had to find keys.

And figure out the correct order to open up the next stage. The correct order was LGBTQ! :P

Then we had to figure out how to dispose "dangerous" substances without touching them.

People got really creative! Look at that!

The cups had to go in this neutralizing box...

...and then they needed to be filled out with water. Do you get the metaphor?! ;)

After that we moved downstairs!

As a group we needed to guide one designated person.

To safely get to the other side of the "debris maze"

And we did it!

And then we had to design a product to teach the inhabitants of Nebula how to be more accepting of LGBTQ population --you saw the amazing result at the beginning ;)

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