Self Love
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Self Love

This poem is dedicated to camp Fyrefly thank you for the last decade.

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    SGM Youth

Self Love
I love myself
Many disagree with me
because they judge me ever so dearly
by what i wear or who i am
who I’m with or scars is the biggest issue of mine

Some people look at me and shake their heads with shame
To write love on her arms
I wasn’t so lucky
love hadn’t grasped me then
my mind was twisted
dare i say loser…
there be a beating heart of flesh inside that Fyre
some know what i mean
others are left with questions
i was a small wall flower i felt inside that no one would notice what greatness i had
but that Fyre erupted so many years ago truly
A decade has past since i first stepped up for myself
I went from being a wall fly to
full of light and bright with light and hope for tomorrow that it truly gets better

Tears of joy my friends
as las i ponder and wounder on and on about youth that is behind me that young little wall flies
such as i was just waiting for hope, spirit, youth. friendship, love with spark that
Write love on your arm
I know i will forever have Fyre in my heart to pass onward to young lings
to write love on my arm the left one where the Fyre is in the heart spirit and mind

Speak out loud
I had troubles with that
I can have speeches ready in minutes in spoken word too my poetry is rebuttal to the haters
any day
So take your hate you homophobes
be a slave to your small minds that cant expand
think outside the box
things are much vibrant out here
the world isn’t so black and white

line me up with those colours on heart beating away
thump thump goes the beats
Speak up little ones
have a voice
Spark that Fyre
let it fly
Fly across the sky
Rainbow of hope
To love myself without words on my skin
To have Hope Faith Spirit Youth Life
and most important Love